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The promise of a cleaner, energy-efficient future

Go green and gain greater energy independence, at significant savings. To see how solar could benefit you, click below.

Discover your solar potential
Make your renewable future a reality, with WeAreSolar.

Make your renewable future a reality, with WeAreSolar.

We bring together the best energy technology and developments in smart power, with local experts and friendly service to reduce energy costs and help create a more sustainable future.

Why go solar?

Why go solar?

  • Local discounts and incentives available
  • Instantly save money on utility bills
  • Reduce your household carbon footprint
  • Flexible solar financing options
  • 25 year industry-leading warranty

Lead the way in promising a greener future, for everyone.

See your solar benefits

WeAreSolar makes solar easy

Solar panels save more than just money, they’re also reducing our need for fossil fuel, saving our environment and planet too.

Customise your solar system to local weather patterns and planning permissions.

The average 4.2 kW solar panel system can save around £500 on your electricity bills annually*.

Take advantage of local solar initiatives or programs to finance your project.